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I Am: Lee Adamson Location: USA, Appalachia Email: lee@ this domain (heck off, spambots)

OCF Network

Vintage Computing, Vintage Radios, Vintage Firearms, Etc Web: General Old Computer Stuff: http://www.ocfco.net Retrocomputing VPN: http://www.retrocomputing.zone (TODO) Matrix: @lee:ocfco.net Video Platforms (in order of preference): PeerTube (TODO), Odysee, YouTube To promote the use of alt-tech platforms, videos release one week later on YouTube. Streaming Platforms (in order of preference): PeerTube (TODO), Twitch, Alternate YouTube Account Chat Platforms (in order of preference): OCF Matrix Space, Discord Matrix rooms are bridged to Discord channels, but not all off-topic channels are present on Discord. This is due to the chilling effect of Discord's "anti-misinformation" (double-speak for "pro-propaganda") terms of service. Fora: "bladamson" on the Vintage Computer Federation. "W8OCF" on QRZ. Social Media: Mastodon (TODO) BTC Address: 3Nhv6Mak4nq3q4uAtQsZjzMMMReJi1wMod SubscribeStar: https://www.subscribestar.com/old-computer-fun BuyMeACoffee: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/oldcomputerfun Paypal Email: lee@ this domain (heck off, spambots)

DizzyDragon.net/SoloDM/Lonesome Traveller

Tabletop Gaming Stuff Website: http://www.dizzydragon.net YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@TheSoloDM (New!) (Back to Main Page)